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Enroll your kids to the best Summer Camp Markham - Go Beyond Academy

Date: 2022-03-20

Once school term comes to an end, every parent’s constant concern is how to keep their kids busy and utilize their free time in the best possible way? Some parents might feel it is the time for the kids to play and just have fun; whereas for others it’s the best time for kids to learn new skills, hone their academics, and cultivate a new hobby and it could vary from art to different subjects. Well, Summer Camps Markham organized by Go Beyond Academy takes care of your worries and maintains the spirit of learning even during vacations!

Finding a sports summer camp for your kids? Welcome to Go Beyond Academy for your children. We make your children’s summer holidays fun and engage in activities like walking, running, laughing, making new friends and building new hobbies. Our students participate in skill development programs as well as physical sports like football, baseball, basketball and so on. Enrol your kids now to give them an experience of a lifetime. Summer Camps in Markham are a hit amongst the students and their parents because of the different activities they have for the kids. We have a wide variety of subjects which are ideal for children of all age groups- be it writing and reading, robotics, algebra, coding, etc. We offer scheduling options which make it convenient and easy for you to fit in some good educational experiences into the summertime activities of your family.

Our campers enjoy both outdoor and indoor sports at the Go Beyond Academy. The indoor classrooms at the academy are very large and a number of sports can be played all together. You do not have to worry about your children at all. Your kid’s well-being is our topmost priority. Also, we have a No Rain guarantee. Even if there is a sudden climate change and it starts to rain, we have proper backups and arrangements to take care of your kids. They will spend their day normally and do not have to worry about rain.




Activities included in the Summer Camps in Markham

The Go Beyond Academy is for anyone between 5 to 18 years of age. There is a wide range of activities for everyone. Our Academy is a combination of science, sports, adventure, education and traditions. Whatever your hobbies your child may have, we have it all at Go Beyond academy.

We focus on academics, sports activities, field trips, music lessons, and the list goes on.

Enriching and Exciting Academic Summer Camps For  children of all Age groups:

  1. PreK-K: We teach the fundamentals of reading by way of combining interactive lessons with some fun activity. This prepares your child for elementary school.
  2. Grade 4-12: For children falling into these grade levels, our Study Skills Program helps the little learners to learn vital skills such as organization, taking responsibility and time management.
  3. Grade 6-9: Our program on Algebra and similar subjects is best suited for this age group. We break down algebra into small activities along with assignments.
  4. Grade 4-9: We have a Writing Program which caters to kids of grades four to nine and teaches them various writing techniques and methods, thereby making every kid have his own unique work.

The need for enrolling children in Summer Camps Markham:

Summer Camps Markham provides the children with an empty canvas which gives them the opportunity to try and bring out their imagination and creativity and helps bring out their identity. Camp sessions are quite short which ensures that the mistakes are low.

Summer camps are quite beneficial to children as it helps them develop their social skills. They learn how to interact with people, how to behave at a social gathering, etc. It helps the children to interact with others positively. Summer Camps Markham develop emotional intelligence and help the children to be empathetic.

Camps not only help in developing the IQ of children but also helps in developing the EQ which is vital for future success. This is quite a crucial element in the maturation process of a child. EQ helps children to recognize, understand as well as manage their emotions. It teaches a child how to work, relate, play and get along with other children and learn to empathize.

What Is So Special About The Go Beyond Academy?

Our academy focuses on teaching our students a new sport or developing new habits and hobbies in a friendly and encouraging environment. We have coaches paying proper and personal attention to each of our campers. Our coaches ensure that each student participates and learns something new from the academy. The likes and dislikes of all our students are kept in mind.
Your child’s daily activities are customised accordingly. Our students never feel bored or homesick. Instead, they would take a handful of pleasant memories home. Our coaches pay proper attention to each student.

Go Beyond Academy and its Summer Camps Markham aims to provide social development along with experimentation and enables children to build a good network with many of their fellow campers. Go Beyond Academy’s Summer Camp in Markham leaves your children with memorable experiences, beautiful memories and friendships to cherish for life.

Why opt for Kids Summer Camps Markham

Go Beyond Academy is the best destination for your children to spend their summer holidays. It is the best combination of enjoyment and learning new skills. Thus, if you are looking for Summer Camps in Markham, your search ends with us here.