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Go Beyond Academy was founded in 2013. It is an international educational institution that integrates Chinese and Western educational concepts. We aim to provide courses that combine art with academic, science and technology with creativity. Over the years, we have committed to providing creative, professional and diversified afterschool educational services for K - 12 students. Our programs cover academic, artistic, scientific and technological innovation.

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education methods

Aesthetics, Two and Three-dimensional art

Concentration, observation and memorization

Physicality, Sports

Healthy, positivity, confidence

Intelligence, Science and Technology

The power of exploration, the desire for knowledge

Virtue, Language

Expression, communication, reading, comprehension, writing

Sound, Music

Self-discipline, sense of rhythm

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School Philosophy

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The education centre does not only have a strong staff, but also comprises of a research and development team. The team consists of experienced teachers who work together to create and develop courses that reflect what our students need. The courses aim to develop the students' growth mindset, creativity, innovation and persistence.

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We aim to adapt a multimedia teaching system, interactive immersion teaching method. Our focus is to pay more attention to the cultivation of students' thinking while imparting knowledge.

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Our approach includes combining art with academics, science and technology with innovation to promote the all-round development of students.

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The relaxed and comforting learning atmosphere in the classroom can greatly stimulate students' interest in learning. In addition, we provide close follow-up service in the classroom, aim to achieve "home school education", and rapidly improve students' performance.

Past achievements

Go Beyond will always adhere to the concept of 'teaching for the unknown, learn for the future', and cultivate more comprehensive talents.

  • 100+

    Since Go Beyond s inception, the education centre has produced over 100 of excellent students.

  • 15+

    15 students’ artwork and paintings have been selected to be published work, and ten students have won several mathematics competitions.

  • 50+

    More than fifty of them have been admitted to their ideal private school or high school (AP and IB).

  • 20+

    More than twenty students have passed the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) examinations and obtained the highest performing level, ARCT certificate.

Furthermore, one student won first prize in the International Robotics Competition. The numerous achievements of our students have proven the success of Go Beyond's teaching philosophy.